Luxury Living New York

Luxury Living – May 2009

Upper East Side Elegance – Manhattan

Timeless, old-New York sophistication pervades this Upper East Side residence dripping with bewitched details. The library is anointed with handsome wooden bookshelves, curved moldings integrated with columns and an attractive wooden desk paired with richly upholstered chairs. The grand living room’s floor-dwarfing rug, flower paintings and sumptuous couches are enlivened with Far East – style chests, while a jet-black piano holds court near the windows. The dining area possesses a curved banquette and a drop chandelier.

The quaint, cozy terrace is a perfect roost to drink a cup of early mornings, read a book or simply overlook the city.

In the bathroom, a pink armchair, ample sunlight and mirrors aplenty create a perfect spot for primping and preening.

In the master bedroom, bunched pink fabric adorns the canopy bed, while a floral-print chair sits beside a Grecian-style screen and gilded mirrors, candlesticks and a bureau are scattered about.

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