Luxury Living Hamptons

Luxury Living – May 2009

Hamptons Retreat

The soaring, sun-soaked dwelling is a marriage of new and old, with glass-floored passageways connecting rooms and the barn’s numerous windows reset in steel. The towering 20-foot-high space is emphasised by the fieldstone fireplace, which climbs to the ceiling. In the sun-dapped bathroom, the red artwork comes of artist Copy Berg, while the master bedroom is outfitted with customised suspended lamps that emphasise the Vera Lutter photo.

In the Hamptons, a former barnyard was reborn as a banker’s spacious summertime retreat.

The long, wooden table that’s modelled after a Spanish barn door dominates the dining room, while the adjoining oak sideboard is topped by a German artist’s eye-catching, rainbow-striped painting.

The fireplace’s rough angles are offset by an armchair outfitted in plush Mongolian lamb, a woven-leather chaise and red-leather chairs, all arranged on a room-dwarfing cow-hide rug.

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